Urbana III Townhomes

Urbana III Townhomes
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A new style of life at Urbana III Townhomes is located in Emaar South, an innovative mixed-use project in the green surroundings of the golf course.

Features of Urbana 3:
Enjoy the perfect balance between contemporary life and the relaxing atmosphere of Emaar South. With a variety of housing options, you can make sure that you can get a home that will suit all of your lifestyle needs.
Indulge in all the retail, dining, and entertainment options you need at Emaar South.
With its unique location between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and just minutes from the Expo 2020 international site, Emaar South will put you at the centre of world events.



Urbana III Townhomes

on booking10% 1
15/07/201810% 2
15/11/201810% 3
when 60% is done by 2019-03-1510% 4
when 80% is done by 2019-07-1010% 5
on completion 2019-12-1010% 6
after 6 month from completion6% 7
after 12 month from completion6% 8
after 18 month from completion6% 9
after 24 month from completion6% 10
after 30 month from completion6% 11
after 36 month from completion10%12
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